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GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal (Secret bonus)

This is the time to get in! After August 31th - no "sob stories" 

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Only on this secret page, sign up now and get your website or a funnel done for you for free (Usually $2500) Limited spots available!

The price increase is Official and set for August 31th 2021. Price increase to $1999 and the value is going down (from 25k contacts to 10k) - still a great deal but not as good as you have it now

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A lot of people keep saying, “I would get the lifetime plan if only GrooveFunnels had X feature that Y service has”

What often isn’t factored into that equation is the accumulated value of ALL the savings provided by all the sales and marketing services GrooveFunnels will replace for members.

“But I don’t need all those other features, I just need Y”

Sure, but that’s a perspective based on current needs and not future growth.

Down the road, should you realise that you would like to explore generating more leads or sales using a strategy you may not currently be using (e.g. GrooveWebinars or GrooveSurvey funnels), at least you won’t need to pay $80 — $100+/month to begin experimenting with it in your business.

Just a little something to keep in mind…

Feel free to share this image with friends or business peers who are looking for the best bang for their buck when it comes to the sales and marketing platforms they are using (at least until Aug 31st…there’s going to be a price increase on Sept 1st) Join today and get your website or funnel designed for you free!

Groove Funnels comparison chart

What's GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnel is a collection of the highly refined app indispensable for e-commerce websites and designed for the colossal market funnel and sales conversion and generation. GrooveFunnel is an arsenal containing apps like

·      GroovePages

(the landing page creator)

·      GrooveSell (the shopping cart)

·      GrooveMail

(email service provider)

·      GrooveAffiliate

·      GrooveMember

·      GrooveKart

·      GrooveVideo

·      GrooveDesk

·      GrooveWebinars live

·      GrooveWebinars streaming

·      GrooveWebinars Automated

·      GrooveCalender

·      GrooveSurvey

·      GrooveProof, etc.


The list extends beyond this as there are upcoming apps Groove Digital, inc are willing to add.


GrooveFunnel is referred to as GrooveApp, is the marketing tool for selling both digital and physical products online.


Is GrooveFunnel right for you?

GrooveFunnel is appropriate and superb for having a rated five-star website for small businesses (merchandise), content marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, and course creation and selling. These stunning apps are fashioned by the best hands in the digital marketing space to facilities a lead and expansion in market size, even in the most competitive niche. Therefore, they can be generously applied to traction your sales imagination without exhausting your profit to end the declination or plateau (dwell) and break new ground.


You may be a lifetime skeptic of the amazing GrooveFunnel if:

An all in one digital marketing platform will cost damage to your business plan.

Advancement is not one of your business aim and objective presently.

You don't take an interest in building an online store.

You are stereotyped to ClickFunnels, Kartra, and achieving your aim and mission while saving your monthly payment doesn't persuade you or make you fleech.


You can get breathtaking pleasure in GrooveFunnel if you:

crave for growth in your online marketing niche.

Have a significant number of items and services to sell online

Want an outstanding membership site

Want to design an elegant landing page and funnel to siphon sales.

Want to save cost and increase your profit margin


How much does GrooveFunnel Cost?

GrooveFunnel is a suite of software that avails at a price. You will end up paying per year on individual platforms from different developers. You can get all these significant Groove Digital softwares for a one-time payment of $1,397.

It is cost-effective because sourcing for these platforms from various developers will amount to nothing less than $17,506 per year. Going for this all-in-one digital marketing platform, keep in your pocket a total of $16,109 per year, which is approximately 12 years payment of Groove digital softwares.


An Extensive look on each of the Groove App

GrooveFunnel is a host of several adorable apps to trigger success no matter the spectrum your e-commerce website emerges from or operates. Each of these apps has differents functions and can't be substituted for one another.


·     GroovePages

It is a prominent tool launched by Groove Digital. It is endowed for creating a website, landing page with professional looks and prowess. High conversion rates and funnels are achievable with the solution offered by GroovePages when selling digital products to target audiences.


Other things you can easily do effortlessly with GroovePages are:

+ Sell different products with unlimited funnels.

+ Build checkout options to maximize visitors and customers participation.

+ Improve and promote sales by persuading with 1-click persuasive option.

+ Design a website with a full navigation system.

+ Engage in profitable affiliate programs.


You get free access to use GroovePage when you sign up. There are templates and themes to modify and customize to meet your website needs and get the conversion you want. GroovePage supersede others, including ClickFunnel. After doing the background work of removing and adding textbox, editing images, and logo. Then you can launch your website for the public to access and assess.


·     GrooveSell

Once you sign up, you have GrooveSell to generate sales and magnify your profit beyond your competitor's reach. GrooveSell is a powerful affiliate marketing tool generally accepted by influencers, speakers, Web and software developers, course creators, and consultants.


Suppose you are familiarised with a ship-cart system like Shopify, SamCart, PayKickStart, etc. Then, using GrooveSell will not require much ado to personally set up an enthralling online store to sell digital and physical products.


GrooveSell is appraised for adaptability to use by professionals and newbies. Aside from this, you have improved affiliate programs and reporting mechanisms. This reporting enabler gives buoyancy for analysis of progress and regress to implement changes in activities to maintain potency.


Moreover, there are built-in checkout, upsells, downsells, and order bumps for the fast-paced sales funnels.


·     GrooveAffiliate

If you want to do affiliate marketing like a pro, GrooveAffiliate should be your go-to. GrooveAffiliate equips you with top-notch administration means and enhancers for your affiliate campaign and programs. You have the control hub of your affiliate markets with analytics detail, such as the growing number of affiliates and other sales conversion metrics.


You have a virtual wallet to pay your affiliate their commission and reward directly from your dashboard.


·     GrooveMail

People visiting your website once or twice may not harvest them into a customer. However, every customer had been a visitor. For entrepreneurs and online marketers, email marketing is a standalone way to turn your prospective audience into buyers and get returning buyers.


GrooveMail manages every aspect of maintaining continuity in the relationship with prospective customers. The automation ensures scheduling and timely response to customers' queries without your intervention.


GrooveMail tracks your messages and broadcast to identify the irresistible one that secures a considerable conversion rate for your affiliate program. Therefore, further analysis can help you enact the same effect to other mails for more customer activities. You can also import 25000 email contacts with it and send more than 750000 emails in a single day.


·     GrooveMember

A membership site is a growing digital market where you exhibit your talent and knowledge and get decent cash. For such a website, you need a booster; GrooveMember creates a long-lasting impression to retain subscribers and members and grow a new population. Many influencers and bloggers appraise this software for how it nullifies barrier by the interactive online Course platform.


The protocol of the membership content management system organizes contents for effortlessly and quick accessibility of the members. These tools make it adaptable for all kinds of virtual summits and online courses.


You determine the contents available for free, and contents and online materials strictly classified for members viewing and digestion. You can easily blend GrooveMail, GrooveSell, and GrooveAffiliate with GrooveMember for better member experience, delivery of courses and description of added value, and more sales funnel.


·     GrooveVideo

Video can't be sidelined in your marketing strategy; statistics reveal that the uprises in using video for promotion make it an entire marketing strategy, not just a tactic. That's why you need a GrooveVideo to grow your business by interacting with the audience via video. GrooveVideo is promising in generating lead through the automation available in virtually every step of delivering quality video for branding your business.


GrooveVideo provides the options of sharing videos on popular social media platforms. You have GrooveVideo player if you are not willing to post it on Youtube. It also has robust analytics for getting the effectiveness of the video. The analytic tools include drop off, watch time, split-test video, etc. GrooveVideo can be used with platforms like GrooveMember for creating courses and impressions.


·     GrooveDesk

It is a helpdesk platform that tackles customer support issues with absolute simplicity. This software keeps away complications by removing macros and unnecessary triggers from your dashboard and saves time with robust automation. It is a platform that gives a personal and authentic look to satisfying your customer queries, which is better than the corporate look with templates causing ambiguity.


Moreover, there is room for backstage conversation among team members by adding notes and tags that request their follow-up to solve customer requests.


·     GrooveWebinar

GrooveWebinar has two types, namely: GrooveWebinar for live Webinar and GrooveWebinar for an automated webinar.


The first one helps organizes live presentations with multiple presenters. It is suitable for audio and video question and answer seminars and other online seminars for viewers. You have free templates to quickly build a webinar page as a host and provide easy access and directive to the guests and presenters. Suppose you have used GotoWebinar or WebinarJam before. In that case, you will appreciate the difference in advanced features and interactiveness of GrooveWebinar for online seminars.


GrooveWebinar has two viewing interfaces: camera, screen, or both. There is no breach of security by an unauthorized person into your secured rooms. Integrating it with other GrooveFunnels makes you generate leads.


The other version, Groove webinar for automated webinars, enables you to schedule automated online seminars. With just one click, you can access them, and you can also evaluate statistics like watch time and drop off.


·     GrooveCalendar

GrooveCalendar is a masterpiece software from Groove Digital capable for scheduling meetings and booking appointments in an instant. It is a software that is designed for consultants, coaches, and freelancers. When integrated with GrooveMail, automation of mail and maintaining email sequence and workflow is done without hassle.


Suppose you are well-rounded and grounded in your field. In that case, GrooveCalender develops a method to sell consultation and set up text and email reminders for repeating meetings, events, and immediate appointments. GrooveCalendar makes provision for all business models like the consultant model, recurring class model, etc.


·     GrooveSurvey

As an entrepreneur, your priority is having a product that maximizes customer satisfaction. GrooveSurvey comes handy when you want to find out indeed whether you are creating a utility. GrooveSurvey is an online multi-choice questionnaire to take an interest in their concern while stealthily introducing your product, upcoming service, your interest.


Furthermore, the funnel of the survey can generate a sales lead. It works similarly to a SurveyMonkey. When integrated with GrooveMail, you can prospect for email contacts to build email leads and automated email rapport.


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